Stephanie Oestreich, PhD, MPA – Managing Director, Myeloma Investment Fund.

Episode 8 of BioByteas by Windsor Bux welcomes Stephanie Oestreich, PhD, MPA

Stephanie Oestreich, Managing Director at Myeloma Investment Fund, shares her background and experiences in the pharma, biotech, and venture industries. She discusses the importance of thorough diligence in scientific projects and considering potential commercial implications. Stephanie also highlights the need for deep scientific understanding and connections with experts in specific disease indications. She predicts growth in the myeloma space through advancements in cell therapy, RNA technology, and novel manufacturing capabilities. Stephanie emphasizes the importance of building a strong company culture and shares her leadership philosophy. She offers advice for emerging biotech entrepreneurs and encourages international connections in the industry. Stephanie concludes by discussing her goals for the future, including making investments and contributing to AI capabilities in the life sciences.


  • Thoroughly diligence scientific projects and consider potential commercial implications.
  • Deep scientific understanding and connections with disease experts are crucial.
  • Advancements in cell therapy, RNA technology, and manufacturing capabilities will drive growth in the myeloma space.
  • Seek funding opportunities from foundations, angel investors, and venture funds.
  • Foster international connections in the biotech industry.

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