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Windsor Bux Executive Search practice helps Pharma & Biotech companies search and select the very best talent at the leadership level in order to transform, grow and develop their companies.

Our goal is straightforward – deliver a shortlist of exceptional candidates who are passionate and take real ownership with taking your company further. It has taken years for us to build our relationships with Senior Members, meaning we have the trust and understanding behind their motivations and career aspirations allowing us to infuse this with our clients opportunity in order to secure and hire talent and not just interview them.

We believe in confidentiality and discretion. We work with clients to deliver the best talent, utilising our network of contacts located across the globe.

Appointment Range:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Commercial Officer 
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Chief Development Officer
  • Chief Business Officer 
  • Chief Financial Officer 
  • Chief Scientific Officer 
  • Vice Presidents/Senior Vice Presidents/Directors

Our Executive Search service is a transparent, flexible, comprehensive solution for your leadership hiring needs. Focused primarily on VP and C-level roles. We offer a broad and in-depth search process, ensuring you find the right talent for those key roles.

An overview of our firms in depth 6 step process is listed below:

1. Briefing & Review of Search Strategy

We always start new recruitment projects with a detailed briefing with your HR team & relevant Line Manager. This allows us to fully qualify the role to ensure our team can identify the right talent through understanding the specific details of the role and the requirements needed.

We then carefully identify the best search strategy to take in order to secure the right talent that will add value and help the company grow. This is shared with the HR team & Line in order to keep everything transparent.

2. Research & Headhunting

Each Executive Search project is led by a Director but will also be given a dedicated team of researchers and a Senior Consultant. Our highly skilled and experienced researchers will understand the project through the Directors briefing and will produce a long list of candidates, between 50-200 profiles dependent on the niche skillset that is targeted.

During this stage, researchers will reach out to every candidate and speak to them in order to ensure they have the correct skill set. The team accompanied by the senior consultant will select a narrowed list of 8-25 profiles to progress to the next stage.

3. Internal interviewing – Senior Consultant Interview

During this stage a Senior Consultant will conduct an in-depth interview with the remaining candidates. They will narrow and refine the list accordingly and provide a Director with a shortlist of no more than 10 individuals.

4. Director Interview

The final stage of the process involves a face to face, or Skype meeting between each shortlisted candidate and one of our Directors. This ensures that the client is getting the highest level of service.

Our Director will be sure to find out any factors that may influence their career progression in any way. We also discuss their background and experiences in greater detail in order to make sure they align with the hiring managers goals. The Director will also manage their expectations and understand the complexity of variables, concerns and issues which could influence the candidate during the interview process.

5. Shortlist Presentation

You will be provided with a final shortlist of 3-7 resumes of potential candidates who are most suited towards the position’s requirements. This will allow the hiring manager and HR team to interview the top 3% of talent on the market who are genuinely interested in joining the company.

6. Debrief, Results & Delivery

This in depth, robust and successfully proven methodology allows our firm to deliver outstanding & on time results within executive search. As a firm, we target a delivery rate of 100% and consistently review performance against this. Our executive search services identify and attract unique leaders, determine ideal organizational fit, and build appropriate frameworks for compensation and retention.

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