Mary Jessel, PhD, MBA, Senior Vice President, Global Medical Affairs at Telix Pharmaceuticals

Episode 5 of BioByteas by Windsor Bux welcomes Mary Jessel, PhD, MBA, Senior Vice President, Global Medical Affairs at Telix Pharmaceuticals.

Mary Jessel, SVP of Global Medical Affairs at Telix, discusses the potential of precision medicine in oncology and the importance of targeted drug delivery and personalized dosimetry. She shares her background and career moves, emphasizing the importance of finding passion and planning for the future. Mary also provides leadership advice, focusing on strengths and empowering others. She highlights the significance of putting people and culture first in organizations. The conversation explores setbacks and learning from failures, as well as future advancements and trends in radiopharmaceuticals. Finally, Mary discusses the challenges and obstacles in radio pharma development and adoption.


  • Precision medicine has the potential to greatly impact oncology by targeting solid tumors and improving patient outcomes.
  • Targeted drug delivery and personalized dosimetry are key areas of focus in the field of radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Finding passion and planning for the future are essential for career success.
  • Leaders should focus on strengths, empower others, and prioritize people and culture in organizations.

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