Andrew Krivoshik, Chief Medical Officer at Frontier Medicines

Episode 4 of BioByteas by Windsor Bux welcomes Andrew Krivoshik, Chief Medical Officer at Frontier Medicines

Andrew Krivoshik, Chief Medical Officer at Frontier Medicines. They discuss Andrew’s background and career journey, his desire to make a positive impact on patients’ lives, and his experience in leadership roles at large pharmaceutical companies. Andrew shares advice for emerging biotech entrepreneurs and strategies for fostering innovation and collaboration within organizations. He also emphasizes the importance of learning from setbacks and maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders. Overall, the conversation highlights the mindset of problem-solving and the continuous pursuit of improving patient outcomes.


  • Focus on making a positive impact on patients’ lives and align all stakeholders around this goal.
  • Embrace failure as an opportunity to learn and improve. Fail fast and adapt quickly.
  • Foster a culture of innovation and collaboration within the organization.
  • Maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders, including investors, regulatory bodies, and healthcare providers.

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