Axel Hoos, MD, PhD – Chief Executive Officer

Episode 9 of BioByteas by Windsor Bux welcomes Axel Hoos, MD, PhD – Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Axel Hoos, a physician and scientist with broad experience in drug development and building life science organizations, shares his insights and experiences in the biopharma industry. Dr. Hoos highlights the significance of patient focus, excellence in execution, and resilience in achieving success in drug development. He also emphasizes the importance of building the right team and creating a culture that enables high performance. Additionally, Dr. Hoos shares examples of setbacks and challenges he has faced throughout his career and provides advice for emerging biotech entrepreneurs on scaling their companies and attracting investments.


  • Patient focus, excellence in execution, and resilience are key to success in drug development.
  • Building the right team and creating a high-performance culture are crucial for achieving goals.
  • Setbacks and challenges are common in the biopharma industry, but having a clear vision and the ability to execute can lead to success.
  • Following the science, allocating capital effectively, and being realistic about what is achievable are important for scaling biotech companies and attracting investments.ry.

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